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18X22.5 BKT MP-590 16PR TL

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  • D1190; RC3534; 163A8
  • 18X22.5 BKT MP-590 16PR TL


The MP-590 tyre is a multi-purpose truck tyre from BKT. The MP-590 tyre is available in one size only, 18X22.5 with a 16 ply rating. The load/speed index for this MP-590 18X22.5 tyre is 163A8 which means it can carry a maximum load of 4875kg while travelling at a speed of 40km/h.

The MP-590 tyre is a multi-purpose truck tyre from BKT with a specially engineered tread pattern which offers maximum flexibility. Designed for use on highways, off-the-road and agricultural applications, the MP-590 tyre provides good traction in all weather conditions, good on-the-road driveability and good self-cleaning properties.

Additional Information

Brand BKT
Tyre Size 18X22.5
Tread Pattern MP-590
Radial/Crossply Crossply
Tyre Width 18
Aspect Ratio (%) No
Rim Diameter 22.5
Tube Type (TT) / Tube Less (TL) TL
Overall Diameter 1190
Rolling Circumference 3534
Ply Rating 16
Load/Speed Index 163A8
Recommended Rim Size 14
Alternative Rim Size 1 No
Alternative Rim Size 2 No
Weight (kg) 88.69
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