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  • 112/110S; FE=B; WG=E; ERN=))72


The HAKKA C CARGO is a summer van tyre from Nokian. The HAKKA C CARGO tyre is available in a wide range of sizes including 225/70R15 which has a load/speed index of 112/110S.

Tyres that are used every day have to provide unconditional reliability throughout their life. Nokian Hakka C Cargo tyres are designed for heavy use right down to the smallest detail. However, durability on its own is not enough, the tyre has to give an accurate feel for the road in bad weather too. The tread pattern and structure of the Nokian Hakka C Cargo tyre for heavy vehicles is similar to a lorry tyre and can take the heavy wheel loadings of distribution and goods vehicles without any trouble. The non-directional tread pattern enable you to mount the tyre anywhere on the vehicle.

*Sturdy construction.

*Good wear resistance and long-lasting properties.

*Precise driving response even with heavier loads.

Nokian Hakka C Cargo is the double test winner in "pro mobil" and "Firmenauto Transporter". The Nokian Hakka C Cargo is also the double test winner in "Firmenauto Transporter" (4/2012), the magazine for company cars and fleet management, with these "Strengths": "very good on both wet and dry road surfaces. High aquaplaning safety. Low rolling resistance". The "total rating" "good" was achieved by Nokian for front-powered vans in dimension 225/65 R 16 C and also in dimension 235/65 R 16 C for rearpowered vans.

Additional Information

Brand Nokian
Tyre Size 225/70R15
Tread Pattern HAKKA C CARGO
Tyre Type Summer
Tyre Width 225
Tyre Aspect Ratio 70
Rim Diameter 15
Load Index 112/110
Speed Index S (up to 180km/h)
Fuel Efficiency B
Wet Grip E
External Rolling Noise ))72
Weight (kg) 14.54
Technical Data Chart (pdf) -