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  • 235/55R17 NOKIAN WIN WR-A3 XL
  • 103V; FE=C; WG=C; ERN=))72


The WR-A3 is a winter car tyre from Nokian. The WR-A3 is available in a wide range of sizes including 235/55R17 XL which has a load/speed index of 103V.

Nokian's WR-A3 tyre, optimised for more efficient cars, guarantees precise and sensitive driving at higher speeds. The Nanobase structure of the Nokian WR-A3 tyre improves the tyre's steering response and control when cornering, changing lanes and dodging. Controllability in extreme conditions is exemplary on both slippery surfaces and roads offering a firm grip. The new structure also helps to reduce the tyre's harmful heat emission, which in turn means a lower rolling resistance.

*Extremely good grip and handling in all weather conditions.

*Stable and easy to control even at higher speeds.

*Rolls lightly, saving the environment and fuel.

Additional Information

Brand Nokian
Tyre Size 235/55R17
Tread Pattern WR-A3
Tyre Type Winter
Tyre Width 235
Tyre Aspect Ratio 55
Rim Diameter 17
Load Index 103
Speed Index V (up to 240km/h)
Fuel Efficiency C
Wet Grip C
External Rolling Noise ))72
Weight (kg) 11.44
Technical Data Chart (pdf) -