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  • 94Y; FE=C; WG=A; ERN=))73
  • 255/35R18 NOKIAN zLINE XL


The zLINE is a summer car tyre from Nokian. The zLINE is available in a wide range of sizes including 255/35R18 XL which has a load/speed index of 94Y. The Nokian zLINE summer tyre is tailored for fast driving. It belongs to the UHP (ultra high performance) category, the top class for passenger car tyres. The sporty zLINE excels under extreme conditions and is not afraid of changing road conditions or large temperature changes. The new tread compound, nanotechnology layered structure and asymmetrical inside-outside tread pattern provide excellent wet grip and driving comfort. The multi-layer structure also lowers rolling resistance and reduces heat generation.

* Stable, precise, and quiet.

* Retains its accurate driving properties in high speed driving.

* Excellent safety on wet roads.

Additional Information

Brand Nokian
Tyre Size 255/35R18
Tread Pattern zLINE
Tyre Type Summer
Tyre Width 255
Tyre Aspect Ratio 35
Rim Diameter 18
Load Index 94
Speed Index Y (up to 300km/h)
Fuel Efficiency C
Wet Grip A
External Rolling Noise ))73
Weight (kg) 10.45
Technical Data Chart (pdf) -