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  • 26.5R25 BKT EARTHMAX SR50 L5* TL
  • D1772; RC5334; 202A2


The EARTHMAX SR50 tyre is an OTR (off-the-road) all-steel radial tyre from BKT specially designed for loaders and dozers. The EARTHMAX SR50 tyre is available in a few select sizes including 26.5R25 with a one star rating.

The EARTHMAX SR50 (L5) tyre from BKT has a strong casing with multi-layer steel belts. It features heavy buttressed shoulders which help reduce sidewall damages in severe operating conditions.

The lug geometry of the EARTHMAX SR50 tyre provides excellent traction with a comfortable ride. Its special cut-resistant compound (CRC) along with the extra-deep lug pattern promotes longer life, as well as increased resistance to cuts and impacts.

This EARTHMAX SR50 (L5) tyre has a single-stamp type code. A tyre stamped L has the capability to perform for loader/dozer (L) service. Dual-stamped radial tyres are often two star (**) earthmover and one star (*) for loader service.

The letter L in the type code means this tyre is suitable for loader/dozer (L) work. It can travel at a maximum speed of 10km/h for a distance of up to 76metres one way.

The number 5 in the L5 type code denotes the tread depth of the tyre. For this EARTHMAX SR50 26.5R25 tyre size, the tread depth is classified as extra deep and measures 89mm.

The load/speed index for this EARTHMAX SR50 26.5R25 tyre is 202A2 which means it can carry a maximum load of 15000kg while travelling at a speed of 10km/h (loader/dozer work).

Additional Information

Brand BKT
Tyre Size 26.5R25
Tread Pattern EARTHMAX SR50
Radial/Crossply Radial
Tyre Width 26.5
Aspect Ratio (%) No
Rim Diameter 25
Tube Type (TT) / Tube Less (TL) TL
Overall Diameter 1772
Rolling Circumference 5334
Ply Rating No
Load/Speed Index 202A2
Recommended Rim Size 22
Alternative Rim Size 1 No
Alternative Rim Size 2 No
Weight (kg) 683.17
Technical Data Chart (pdf) Click to Download