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540/65R30 NOKIAN TRI 2 TL

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  • D1464; RC4417; 156D
  • 540/65R30 NOKIAN TRI 2 TL


The TRI 2 is an industrial tyre from Nokian. The TRI 2 tyre is available in a wide range of sizes including 540/65R30. The load/speed index for this TRI 2 540/60R30 tyre is 156D which means it can carry a maximum load of 4000kg while travelling at a speed of 65km/h.

The block-patterned TRI 2 tyre from Nokian performs its varied contracting tasks in agriculture, industry, road and environmental maintenance with a reliable, gentle touch. The tread pattern and strong structure ensure that the Nokian TRI 2 tyre wears evenly and offers users a high number of efficient working hours. Thanks to the block pattern and even surface pressure, the tyre is also suitable for working on delicate green areas. The Nokian TRI 2 tyre offers a stable and comfortable driving response. and the tyre wears evenly and has a long life. The Nokian TRI 2 tyre is also known for its environmental friendliness. It is gentle on the ground and cleans effortlessly, ensuring that machines do not carry soil onto roads. It also has low tyre noise and a low rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption.

*Versatile, environmentally friendly special tyre for modern farming and machine contracting.

*Good grip, high load-bearing capacity and a pleasant driving response.

*Stable and fast on the road.

Additional Information

Brand Nokian
Tyre Size 540/65R30
Tread Pattern TRI 2
Radial/Crossply Radial
Tyre Width 540
Aspect Ratio (%) 65
Rim Diameter 30
Tube Type (TT) / Tube Less (TL) TL
Overall Diameter 1464
Rolling Circumference 4417
Ply Rating No
Load/Speed Index 156D
Recommended Rim Size 18
Alternative Rim Size 1 16
Alternative Rim Size 2 No
Weight (kg) 128.00
Technical Data Chart (pdf) Click to Download