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750/65R26 BKT A-MAX TERIS "E" TL

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  • D1636; RC4908; 166A8/B
  • 750/65R26 BKT A-MAX TERIS "E" TL


The AGRIMAX TERIS is a radial harvesting tyre from BKT. The AGRIMAX TERIS tyre is available in a selection of sizes including 750/65R26. The load/speed index for this AGRIMAX TERIS 750/65R26 tyre is 166A8/B which means it can carry a maximum load of 5300kg while travelling at a speed of between 40 and 50km/h.

The AGRIMAX Teris tyre has been designed by BKT for the most modern harvesting equipment, where flotation and reduced soil compaction is extremely important. The casing design, coupled with the large footprint area, guarantees heavy load carrying capacity at low pressure. The newly designed sidewall protector of the AGRIMAX Teris radial tyre prevents damage to the tyre and in combination with multiple layers of polyester belts provides exceptional stability, handling and riding comfort.

Additional Information

Brand BKT
Tyre Size 750/65R26
Radial/Crossply Radial
Tyre Width 750
Aspect Ratio (%) 65
Rim Diameter 26
Tube Type (TT) / Tube Less (TL) TL
Overall Diameter 1636
Rolling Circumference 4908
Ply Rating No
Load/Speed Index 166A8/B
Recommended Rim Size 25
Alternative Rim Size 1 23
Alternative Rim Size 2 No
Weight (kg) 239.72
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