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With tillage operations underway around the country, care for the soil is a top priority for farmers and contractors operating tractors and machinery. Agrigear recommends the Agrimax Force tyre especially designed for tillage operations with high power tractors with greater than 200 horsepower.

Highlighting the performance of high-power tractors, the Agrimax Force tyre has been designed and developed based on ‘IF Technology’ which allows operating at lower inflation pressure with equal loads so that the tyre has a less aggressive impact on the land.

Innovations in the tyre design ensure maximum sidewall flexibility and an optimised footprint area during low-pressure use. This allows maximum carrying capacity at a pressure of 1.6 bar instead of 2.4 bar.


One of the main advantages of this Agrimax Force tyre is that once you set the pressure for your current load and torque, the tyre can travel at any speed between 0 and 65km/h. Contrarily with conventional tyres, setting the pressure will depend upon three factors – load, torque and speed. This important advantage means that road/field work with Agrimax Force tyres can be carried out seamlessly without the need to continuously adjust tyre pressure when moving from road surface to field surface.

BKT Agrimax Force tyres are now available in six sizes and to date these innovative tyres have been very well received in the Irish market and are performing well.

Particularly popular with agricultural contractors and farmers with large holdings, these tyres are ideal for reseeding, planting and spraying operations.

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Browse BKT's extensive range of tyres on Agrigear's website www.agrigear.ie. BKT tyres are available countrywide through a select network of agents; for more information or to find your nearest stockist, call Agrigear on (042) 9666444.



If one looks closely at the agricultural fields in Europe, a particular pattern is emerging evidently. Probably a BKT-AGRIMAX radial tyre has passed through that place. And more so, in the entire Europe and other such developed markets. There is no element of surprise in it because the global leaders in Off-Highway Tyres (OHT) has over the years clearly stamped its signature of quality distinction and success in the segment.

As it celebrates a decade of excellence of its Agri Radials in 2014, the company, which marked its Silver Jubilee in 2012, is poised to scale new heights and is on track to achieve its goal of becoming a US$2 billion player by 2020.

The Agri Radials play a significant role in BKT's global success as an OHT major. The tyre maker entered the segment with the Agrimax range in 2004 after a comprehensive study of the market and supported by highly focused R&D efforts. The attention to quality in every aspect of production was uncompromising. The result is its leading position in the market.

AGRIMAX is today a much sought-after brand in the market. The BKT stamp of quality and performance capability made it a winner over the past decade. The range has been evolving in terms of sizes under each series.

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Rajiv Poddar,
Jt. Managing Director, BKT
Browse BKT's extensive range of tyres on Agrigear's website www.agrigear.ie. BKT tyres are available countrywide through a select network of agents; for more information or to find your nearest stockist, call Agrigear on (042) 9666444.





'Wheel alignment’ and ‘wheel balancing’ are separate issues, both important in the upkeep of your tyres and vehicle. Wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Aligning your wheels can help maximise tyre life and ensure that your vehicle drives straight and true when on level surfaces.

The symptoms of a misaligned wheel include:

- uneven or rapid tyre wear
- pulling or drifting away from a straight line
- drifting on a straight, level road
- spokes of the steering wheel tending toward one side while driving on a straight, level road

Wheel balancing allows the tyres and wheels to spin without causing any vibrations. Your wheels’ balance is gauged by checking for any heavy spots on the wheel-tyre combination and compensating for such flaws by placing a measured balancing weight on the opposite side of the wheel from where the heavy spot is located.

The symptoms of a wheel that is out of balance include:
- vibration in the steering wheel, seat or floor-pan, usually at motorway speeds
- ‘scalloped’ or ‘cupped’ wear pattern on the tyres

If your tyres show any of the symptoms outlined above, seek advice from your local authorised tyre repair centre. 


Agrigear is the Irish importer of Nokian car, van and 4X4 tyres which are available nationwide through a select network of agents.

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Second-hand and 'as new' stock items are being continuously added to the Agrigear website each week. Items can be bought as wheels complete (rims+tyres) or tyres only. Contact Michael or Jack at Agrigear on (042) 9666444 for more information. Click here to view SECOND-HAND TYRES & WHEELS from Agrigear.



650/65X38 Michelin second-hand tyres X 2

- tyres 40%

€500 + VAT each

710/70X42 second-hand wheels complete X 2, Michelin tyres 70%

- 10 stud, 281/335 PCD, suit Case Magnum tractor

Wheels = €1,800 + VAT each;

Tyres only = €1,500 + VAT each



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