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Agrigear Tyre and Wheel Specialists stock an extensive range of tyres suitable for grain and root-crop trailers, silage trailers, wagons and slurry tankers.

Range of sizes available from 17" to 30.5" in rim diameter.

All tyres have a technical data chart to indicate the maximum weight allowed at a given speed and a given operating pressure. If these guidelines are adhered to, you are helping to maximise the lifespan of your tyres. Always refer to tyre technical data charts for correct information. For BKT tyres, these charts can be found on the Agrigear website www.agrigear.ie.


1.)  RIDEMAX FL-693M

Steel-belted SQUARE BLOCK radial flotation tyre

- suitable for both road and field work

- can carry loads at higher speeds up to 65km/h (some sizes are 70km/h rated)

- gives smooth on-road operation as well as good road wearing characteristics, making it ideal for contract work

- low rolling resistance helps less fuel consumption

- sizes available:
     500/50R17                  600/50R22.5
     500/45R22.5               650/50R22.5
     560/45R22.5               710/50R26.5
     560/55R22.5               750/60R30.5
     560/60R22.5               850/50R30.5

2.)  FL-630 SUPER

Steel-belted OPEN GRIP radial flotation tyre

- bi-directional tread design delivers the same performance in both directions

- shape of footprint area is specially designed to minimise the impact on soil structure

- open grip design ensures the tyre keeps rolling in soft ground conditions

- excellent self-cleaning properties

- sizes available:
     560/60R22.5               750/60R26.5
     650/55R26.5               750/60R30.5






Agrigear is the Irish importer of BKT tyres which are available nationwide through a select network of agents.

For information or to find your nearest agent, call Agrigear on (042) 9666444 or visit www.agrigear.ie.




BKT's new advertising campaign’s figurative slogan, “We experience – being part of your field,” represents the company’s promise and commitment to share experiences, emotions and skills.

The strong verbal message, “We experience – being part of your field,” focuses on the solid bond between the company and the end user.

BKT says the message is supported by a graphic design that highlights a tyre which is entirely immersed in its environment, symbolizing the total integration within the tyre’s field of application.

The aim of the campaign is to create a strong between the BKT brand and the end user by conveying the idea that both end end user and the company are working hand-in-hand in the field.

Browse BKT's extensive range of tyres on Agrigear's website www.agrigear.ie. BKT tyres are available countrywide through a select network of agents; for more information or to find your nearest stockist, call Agrigear on (042) 9666444.



The high-performance Nokian Line summer tyre masterfully handles the rapidly changing road conditions that we experience during the summer. With excellent grip, the Nokian Line tyre offers a precise driving feel especially on wet roads. 2015 ADAC tests also found that this tyre offers cost savings due its low fuel consumption and very good wear resistance.


The following sizes of Nokian Line tyre are all available from Agrigear:
185/55R15 195/65R15 215/55R16
185/60R15 205/60R15 205/50R17
185/65R15 205/65R15 215/55R17
195/55R15 215/65R15 225/45R17
195/60R15 205/55R16 225/50R17


Agrigear is the Irish importer of Nokian tyres which are available nationwide through a select network of agents.

Browse Nokian tyres here on Agrigear's website www.agrigear.ie. For for more information or to find your nearest stockist, call Agrigear on (042) 9666444.





Second-hand and 'as new' stock items are being continuously added to the Agrigear website each week. Items can be bought as wheels complete (rims+tyres) or tyres only. Contact Michael or Jack at Agrigear on (042) 9666444 for more information. Click here to view SECOND-HAND TYRES & WHEELS from Agrigear.

24R21 second-hand 10stud heavy-duty wheels X 4 with NEW recap Michelin tyres, 281/335 PCD

- suit Joskin trailer

€1,350 + VAT each


460/70R24 second-hand 12 stud wheels X 4 with NEW BKT RT-747 tyres, 371/425 PCD

- suit loader

€625 + VAT each

AGRIGEAR WEBSITE - www.agrigear.ie

DID YOU KNOW ... that tyre products displayed on the Agrigear website provide the following information:

- product overview details
- tread pattern properties
- technical data details
- high quality images


To access this information, go to Agrigear's homepage www.agrigear.ie and select one of the following categories: Agricultural & Forestry / Industrial & Construction / ATV, Golf, Lawn & Garden / Commercial & Passenger Vehicles.

Scroll down and using the filter options on the left-hand side, refine the results by selecting the width / aspect ratio / rim diameter of tyre (highlighted in red box above).

Double-click into a product to access product information as well as the Technical Data Chart which provides load, speed and pressure details.