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  • 245/70R16 BARKLEY ANTAEUS 4X4
  • 107H; FE=E; WG=E; ERN=))72


The ANTAEUS 4X4 tyre is a jeep tyre from Barkley. The Barkley ANTAEUS 4X4 tyre is available in a range of sizes including 245/70R16.

The load/speed index for this ANTAEUS 4X4 245/70R16 tyre is 107H.

Additional Information

Brand Barkley
Tyre Size 245/70R16
Tread Pattern ANTAEUS 4X4
Tyre Type Summer
Tyre Width 245
Tyre Aspect Ratio 70
Rim Diameter 16
Load Index 107
Speed Index H (up to 210km/h)
Fuel Efficiency E
Wet Grip E
External Rolling Noise ))72
Weight (kg) 14.96
Technical Data Chart (pdf) -