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7.50R20 BARKLEY BL209 14PR (ST)

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  • 7.50R20 BARKLEY BL209 14PR (ST)
  • 130/128K; FE=E; WG=B; ERN=))71 (SET)


The BL209 tyre is a steer axle and trailer tyre from Barkley and it is ideal for trucks. The BL209 is available in a few select sizes including 7.50R20 with a 14 ply rating. This tyre comes as a set which includes flap and tube. The load/speed index for this BL209 7.50R20 tyre is 130/128K.

*Suitable for all positions on buses as well as the steer axles of trucks.

Additional Information

Brand Barkley
Tyre Size 7.50R20
Tread Pattern BL209 14ply
Tyre Type Steer Axle
Tyre Width 7.5
Tyre Aspect Ratio No
Rim Diameter 20
Load Index 130/128
Speed Index K (up to 110km/h)
Fuel Efficiency E
Wet Grip B
External Rolling Noise ))71
Weight (kg) 53.00
Technical Data Chart (pdf) Click to Download