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  • 90/88T; FE=C; WG=C; ERN=))72
  • 175/65R14 NOKIAN HAKKA C VAN


The HAKKA C VAN tyre is a summer van tyre from Nokian. The HAKKA C VAN tyre is available in a wide range of sizes including 175/65R14 which has a load/speed index of 90/88T.

Tyres that are used every day have to provide unconditional reliability throughout their life. Nokian Hakka C Van tyres are designed for heavy use right down to the smallest detail. However, durability on its own is not enough, the tyre has to give an accurate feel for the road in bad weather too. The Nokian Hakka C Van tyre is designed for light roads and passenger transport and is extremely quiet. Its asymmetric tread pattern provides an extremely precise drive wheel when used with minibuses.

*Efficient aquaplaning prevention.

*Good wear resistance and long-lasting properties.

*Low tyre noise.

Additional Information

Brand Nokian
Tyre Size 175/65R14
Tread Pattern HAKKA C VAN
Tyre Type Summer
Tyre Width 175
Tyre Aspect Ratio 65
Rim Diameter 14
Load Index 90/88
Speed Index T (up to 190km/h)
Fuel Efficiency C
Wet Grip C
External Rolling Noise ))72
Weight (kg) 7.74
Technical Data Chart (pdf) -