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  • D1485; RC4377; 158D


The AGRIMAX V-FLECTO is a radial tractor tyre from BKT. It is a VF Technology tyre suitable for high-powered tractors. The AGRIMAX V-FLECTO tyre is available in a few select sizes including VF600/60R30. The load/speed index for this AGRIMAX V-FLECTO VF600/60R30 tyre is 158D which means it can carry a maximum load of 4250kg while travelling at a speed of 65km/h.

The Agrimax V-Flecto is the latest addition to BKTs Agrimax radial tyre family. This tyre was designed and built incorporating V.F. (very high flexion) technology and offers strength, durability, comfort and reduced compaction.

V.F. Technology tyres are suitable for high-power tractors used both on and off the road and can carry the same load at the same pressure between speeds of 10 and 65 km/h.

This Agrimax V-Flecto tyre is designed to carry the same load as a standard tyre of the same size, while operating at 30% less inflation pressure. To look at it from another angle, this tyre can carry 40% additional load at the same inflation pressure as standard tyres of the same size.

The Agrimax V-FLECTO tyre excels in both performance and reliability offering extraordinary resistance against highest stress levels as well as excellent speed levels even on paved roads, resulting in more productivity and a significant reduction in operating costs whatever the task.

* Reduced soil compaction

* Higher load capacity

* Extremely strong and robust casing

* Comfort

* NRO (narrow rim option)

Additional Information

Brand BKT
Tyre Size 600/60R30
Radial/Crossply Radial
Tyre Width 600
Aspect Ratio (%) 60
Rim Diameter 30
Tube Type (TT) / Tube Less (TL) TL
Overall Diameter 1485
Rolling Circumference 4377
Ply Rating No
Load/Speed Index 158D
Recommended Rim Size 20
Alternative Rim Size 1 No
Alternative Rim Size 2 No
Weight (kg) 160.93
Technical Data Chart (pdf) Click to Download